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Two glasses of passion fruit agua fresca sit on a wooden cutting board next to a sprig of mint and a bag of loose leaf tea. Sparkling water is being poured from a bottle into one of the glasses.

Sweet & Fruity Sips: Green Tea Passion Fruit Agua Fresca

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Summer is here and that means long days full of sunshine and the chance to make happy memories with friends and family. Are you an entertainer who loves having people around to your home? Maybe you’re looking for a nice drink to cool down and relax in this warmer weather? This Green Tea Passion Fruit […]

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Overhead view of a Jane Austen novel with a cup of tea perched on top. A stack of books, bag of loose leaf tea, and white flowers surround it.

Books and Brews: Literary Characters Who Drink Tea

Many of us have habits that we enjoy participating in whilst drinking our favorite cup of tea. Maybe it’s a part of your daily ritual to pop a cuppa on and sit outside and be still for a moment. Maybe it’s catching up with a good friend with a whole pot of tea. For some […]

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Three tea sandwiches are arranged on a white floral plate along with a sprig of parsley.

Tea Party Planning: How to Make Party Sandwiches Ahead of Time

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Summer is a fantastic time of year for entertaining. The longer days and warmer weather makes for beautiful days filled with your favorite people. However, on really hot days you may not be wanting to throw a party that involves getting anywhere near an oven! Today’s post is for you. Whether it’s a casual garden […]

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A brightly colored blue and red teacup with a geometric design sits on a table in the foreground, with a tiered tray of fruits and sweets and more teacups in the background.

A New Generation of Tea Drinkers: How to Host a Teen Tea Party

In years gone by, the tea party was a rite of passage for many young people, but in today’s society many teens may never experience the joy of a tea party. Hosting a teen tea party is a wonderful opportunity to gather together a group of young folks and make them feel special. Help your […]

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A tall glass of chai affogato sits on a wooden board next to a pile of chai spices and a green pitcher.

Cool Chai Desserts for Warm Weather

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There’s something so comforting about the spicy taste of a good chai tea. While chai is typically a tea that’s associated with winter weather and crackling fires, there’s no reason to avoid these flavors in warmer weather! Today’s post is going to show you the perfect chai desserts to enjoy this summer. Chai Tea Affogato […]

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