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A slice of purple french macaron cake decorated with shredded coconut, buttercream, and edible gold leaf sits on a white plate.

Ooh La La: Lavender Coconut French Macaron Cake Recipe

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Oh sweet, sweet French macarons, how I love thee; I succumb to your pillowy texture and color-drenched vision. To taste one is to-die-for. To make one… well, here comes some trial and error, but I promise I will do my best to make this recipe as fool-proof as possible so even you novice bakers come […]

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A circle of raspberry white chocolate scones cut into wedges sits on a wooden cutting board.

Raspberry White Chocolate Scone Recipe


Go big or go home, I always say! This color- and flavor-infused raspberry white chocolate scone recipe is sure to be your next go-to dessert. Brimming with melt-in-your-mouth raspberries, the finest white chocolate, and a hand-crafted glaze made with our Royal Wedding Tea, this scone recipe is sure to be one for the recipe books! […]

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Overhead view of two teaspoons. The one on the left holds powdered cinnamon, while the one on the right holds honey and herbs. They are surrounded by dried hibiscus, fruit pieces, rosehips, and flowers and are sitting on a white-washed table.

What Tea is Good for a Cold?

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On the dreariest of winter days, during the most inopportune times, while hibernating indoors and surrounded by kids, coworkers, and family — a cold rears its ugly head. The dreaded stuffy nose, sore throat, body aches, and sneezing crud! So, I find myself asking the infamous question, “What tea is good for a cold?” Truthfully, […]

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Overhead view of five silver teaspoons full of different types of tea arranged in a line on a light wood table.

A Real Eye-Opener: What Tea Has the Most Caffeine?

Have you ever wondered what tea has the most caffeine? Tea has long since been known for its colorful aromas, antioxidant benefits, and delightful charm, but each variety of tea also holds various levels of caffeine. For all of us looking for that extra boost in the mornings, mid-day, or when pulling an all-nighter, this […]

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Overhead view of a clear glass teapot and mug with a Celestial mesh tea nest infuser on a white wooden table. A fern leaf curls in from the top of the image.

Choosing the Best Tea Infusers & Accessories

Are you new to tea or simply looking for that special gift for a loose leaf tea lover? This article is jam-packed with everything you need to know about the best tea infusers – so you can get to brewing a delicious cup of tea. Why Choose Loose Leaf Tea? Simply put, loose leaf tea […]

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