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Thirst-Quenching Goodness: Melon and Peach White Wine Sangria

On a hot day in Montreal, there it was on the menu at St. Viateur Bagel. We had stopped in for lunch at the famous bakery and we couldn’t help but notice the pitchers of sangria made with melon and cherries being enjoyed by the diners around us. The menu offered a choice of sangria […]

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5 Ways to Show Southern Hospitality at Your Next Dinner Party (Meal Suggestion Included)

Of all the clichés the South is known for, one that deserves to be a generality is the abundance of free-flowing hospitality (and sweet tea). But to imply that the ability to practice Southern hospitality is something exclusive to people from this region would be misleading. Being from the South doesn’t make one adept at […]

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Spruce Up Your New Year with 5 Small Things You Didn’t Get for Christmas

Now that it’s a new year, “spruce” isn’t just a kind of Christmas tree. As the blank slate that is the new year settles in, isn’t it time to invest in a few of those little necessities to spruce up your days? It is likely this past holiday season that you received something in need […]

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7 Southern Winter Getaways for Luxury Hotel Lovers

Sometimes the getaway is all about the destination, while sometimes the getaway is all about the hotel, its service and amenities. Our favorite getaways are about both. Nowhere is hospitality done better than in The South. Here are some of our top choices for luxury hotels in fabulous locations, where we wouldn’t mind resting our […]

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Last Minute Travel Tips (for Those Who Never Do It)

Even things like passport renewals, scrambles to make reservations, and last-minute packing have that certain sheen of Plum Deluxe glamour. For most of us, indeed, the idea of last-minute travel stands in stark contrast to day-to-day existence. Often feeling just out of reach, we tend to think of it as something reserved for others. The […]

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Tips for Planning Multigenerational Upscale Travel

Children, parents, and grandparents traveling together is far from a new concept. But “multigenerational” travel in the past has mostly been limited to things such as a family beach trip, where everyone goes to a relatively nearby and familiar location. Often these days, three generations of family members are getting together and going to places […]

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Must Have Items for the Perfect Day at the Beach

As important as fresh sunscreen is, you need more than that for a fun and safe day at the beach. Having lived at the beach for many years, my family and I have had lots of time to determine what items are most necessary. The same reasons we love the beach – sand, sun and […]

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How to Travel Somewhere and Do Nothing

If to travel is to be in motion and to do nothing is to be still, is it possible to do both at the same time? No matter how much, we, the planners of one-week vacations and weekend getaways, understand the concept of “vacation,” is it inevitable that our multitasking, bucket list-loving selves get involved […]

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5 European Train Journeys to Take this Summer

Ah, the dream of train travel: The rhythm of the rails, experiencing the thrill of arriving in a new place over and over and not having to worry about getting yourself there. Traveling from cultural capital to petite village, alongside rivers, across bridges and listing around alps, train travel has a way of sticking with […]

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Un-Cruise to the Sea of Cortez

When I pictured our perfect cruise, there would be no huge ports of call, iceberg-sized vessels, nor sunburned, sombrero-clad masses. There would be an absence of rock climbing walls, wave pools, and Love Boat-style midnight buffets. Tuxedos and evening gowns? No way! Without ever having been on a cruise, I admit it: I was a […]

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5 Items to Buy in Florence, Italy


Much like visiting the city’s famous museums and churches, shopping in Florence is simultaneously overwhelming and fantastic. From outdoor markets to the city’s famous fashion houses, the choices are extensive. To help you know how and when to best dive in, we bring you this list of 5 items to put at the top of […]

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6 Bed and Breakfasts: The No Doily Approach to Urban Romance

  If you consider yourself a non-bed-and-breakfast person of good taste, the following description quite naturally would strike fear in your heart: “A cozy and charming atmosphere awaits you and your honey for a romantic weekend you will long remember. With Victorian furnishings including heirloom brass beds with Laura Ashley bedspreads, the We Love Doilies […]

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Slovakia: A Visit to the Center of Europe

From Bratislava Castle the countries of both Austria and Hungary are visible in the distance. This surprises me, and I momentarily marvel at the fact that so many people can’t even find the whole country of Slovakia, much less the city of Bratislava, on a map. Then I remember that a few weeks earlier, I […]

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5 Ways To Vacate at Home (Because "Staycation" is an Awful Word)

I think every time someone says the word “staycation,” a perfectly fine concept dies a little. In recent years, we’ve been trained to think that staycations are for doing things like visiting local tourist attractions you don’t want to visit, cleaning garages, or catching up on soap operas. These are things your ever-practical, non-DIY parents, […]

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Photo Essay: The Alaska Small Cruise Experience in a Day

Well, “are you going on a cruise?” is the most typical question you might hear when you tell your friends you are going to Alaska. Even if you plan to spend all your nights a two hour drive away (such as we were at the Hilton Garden Inn in Anchorage), it’s a good question. The […]

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A Value Luxury Adventure in Anchorage, Alaska

Although Alaska is on many US travelers’ bucket lists, often it is not at the top. Maybe it should be. What came as a surprise to me on a recent visit is that in spite of the 49th state’s vast size (it’s over twice the size of Texas), much of what Alaska has to offer […]

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Getting to Know Kauai

So you’ve picked which Hawaiian Island you’re going to visit on your next vacation, and this time you’ve picked Kauai. Many of the lush images of Hawaii that we hold in our minds can be found on Kauai, so figuring out where to stay and what to do on your trip will be easy, right? […]

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Renting a Private Island That You Can Actually Afford

If someone told you that you could rent Eagle Island, an entire private island off the coast of Georgia, there would be no reason not to believe them. Many people already know that coastal Georgia is dotted with barrier islands of various shapes and sizes. Additionally the region has a reputation of being an exclusive, […]

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Seeing Charleston Your Own Way

More than a few people have told me that when they picture Charleston, South Carolina USA, they think something along the lines of “sleepy, Southern city on the water.” Although far from complete their preconceptions are not altogether wrong. The trouble with preconceived ideas, however, is that often they are exactly what you get. Whether […]

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