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A wooden spoon rests in a large white bowl full of fried green tea rice.

Two Ways to Make Delicious Green Tea Rice

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Rice can be a boring staple, or it can be a blank canvas! If you’re ready to up your game without much effort, try freshly made green tea rice. Here are two ways to enjoy it. Why Add Tea to Rice? Green tea has been used for centuries to aid in overall health and ease […]

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Overhead view of a hand with red-painted fingernails holding a jar full of loose herbs and hot water on top of a wooden table. On either side is a tong-style tea infuser and an orange earth-tone mug.

Oh My Aching Mind: What Tea is Good for Headaches?


Many tea drinkers at least anecdotally know tea is in general good for your health. But many wonder, what tea is good for headaches, specifically? Now, science has confirmed that drinking certain types of tea helps ease the pain from headaches. Here are four different types of headaches and the tea that helps them. ***Disclaimer*** […]

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A white teapot and matching teacup, as well as plates of donuts with colorful icing, are arranged on a table in front of a window.

Enjoying Tea: Simple Tea Pleasures and Rituals


Tea isn’t just a drink. Enjoying tea is an experience and an essential part of life for many of us around the world. If you were to ask most tea drinkers about their first experience with tea, you would likely get a story. Tea entered my life in college while on a spontaneous visit to […]

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Overhead view of a mug of mulled apple cider surrounded by red poinsettias on a while table.

Mulling Spice Recipe for Apple Cider

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The holidays can be a delicious, albeit busy, time of year. The flavors are some of the best, but they can be a little time intensive and elaborate to prepare. If you’re like me and would rather just get it done quickly and still have an awesome dish, then you definitely want this mulling spice […]

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A brown teacup and saucer full of chai made in the instant pot sits in front of a file of fall foliage.

Stay Cozy with Easy Instant Pot Chai

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Chai aficionados would often say the only proper way to prepare a cup of chai is in a pot on the stove with tea, spices, milk, and sweetener simmered together for perfection. Many people find peace and comfort in the process of making tea. Then there are those of us who just don’t have the […]

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