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A black teacup sits on a yellow saucer. It is surrounded by a mesh tea infuser, a package of Plum Deluxe loose leaf tea, a glass bowl full of lemons, and a bottle of alcohol. Milk is being poured into the mug from a glass pitcher.

What to Put in Black Tea


When it to comes the choice of what to put in black tea, the possibilities are extensive and exciting. I would say “endless” because it has a nice ring to it, but I would not lie to you. You should not put salt in your tea. Nor chicken. (Though tea on your chicken is a […]

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A red owl timer sits in front of a white mug with a bicycle on it and a small white plate holding a stainless steel tea ball and a green leaf. In the background is a white pot full of basil.

How Long to Steep Herbal Tea


How long you steep your tea is generally a matter of personal taste. While some people love a strong, sturdy cuppa that can practically stand on its own without the mug, others prefer a barely-infused glass of water with the softest whisper of flavor. When it comes to herbal tea, the length of the steep […]

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A femme person with light brown hair wearing a ribbed tan sweater holds an orange mug of tea in their hands.

How to Become a Tea Drinker


Some people are natural tea drinkers. Others… struggle. They like the idea of tea, or are interested in the health benefits, but can’t seem to develop a taste for it. We want to help! There are so many reasons to love and drink tea, and for any intrepid souls interested in unlocking the mystery of […]

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A clear glass with gold filigree design on the rim is filled with iced chai tea latte. Next to it is a larger glass of ice cubes, a package of Plum Deluxe loose leaf chai tea, and cinnamon sticks on a wooden table outside.

How to Make Iced Chai Tea Latte

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A good iced chai is a thing of beauty – and it’s so easy to make at home! From the comfort of your own couch, you can enjoy a delightfully spiced, soothingly chilled iced chai and bask in the knowledge that you are a self-sufficient culinary master reliant on no barista. There are many ways […]

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Overhead view of a blue teacup and saucer surrounded by brightly colored bowls of chaat, samosa, pakora, and chutney.

Indian Tea Time Snacks

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When I dove into exploring Indian tea time snacks – because, delicious – I realized just how little I know about Indian food. And history. And anything. And now that I’ve begun, it’s clear that I could do nothing else for a month, and still only begin to scratch the surface of the amazing foods, […]

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Overhead view of a white plate with a pile of loose leaf tea shaped into a heart in the center of it. To the left is a fork; to the right a knife. Above the place are three oranges, and apple, and a cup of tea.

Can You Eat Tea Leaves? (The Answer Is, “Yes!”)


At Plum Deluxe, we’re often asked, “Can you eat tea leaves?” and I’m not surprised. In my opinion, most of the blends smell so good that it’s a wonder more people don’t pop a few leaves straight into their mouths like M&Ms, purely out of curiosity. While I don’t recommend that you eat tea leaves […]

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A white and blue ombre mug full of tea sits in front of a show-covered camellia bush.

How to Make Sun Tea in the Winter

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Here in Portland, winter is in full swing. Days are short. There’s a chill in the air. And sometimes in the dead of winter, we need a little reminder that there is light at the end of the “14-hours-of-darkness-every-day” tunnel. Enter: sun tea, a beverage that can capture the sunny spirit of summer all year […]

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A package of Plum Deluxe tea peeks out of the seat pocket in an airplane. Behind it are several in-flight magazines and safety cards.

Travel Time: Can I Bring Loose Leaf Tea on an Airplane?


A commonly searched question is “can I bring loose leaf tea on airplane?” (Perhaps you stumbled across this article by Googling just such a phrase yourself.) The short answer is: yes! So rest assured all you weary world travelers: You can infuse a little fun into your next flight by bringing your favorite loose leaf […]

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Overhead view of a wooden charcuterie board. A mug of tea sits in the center and is surrounded by cheese, meats, crackers, olives, nuts, and pickles.

What to Eat with Tea

Some foods are classic pairings. Peanut butter and jelly. Hamburgers and French fries. Tea and cookies. But there are other combinations that may surprise you. Like tea and salad. Tea is a wonderfully versatile beverage that pairs well with an endless variety of foods. It’s not just for cookies and scones, my friends! If you’ve […]

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A slice of berry cake sits on a white plate alongside a pink teacup with a heart-shaped tea infuser.

Sweet Treats: A Pairing Guide for Tea Party Dessert Ideas

I could write a whole series of posts on tea party dessert ideas. When it comes to deciding what to eat with tea for dessert, the possible pairings of teas and sweets are endless! Cookies, cakes, scones, brownies, breads – just to name a few. So to save you from a post of epic proportions […]

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A red teapot, white teacup with a gold snowflake, and a bag of Plum Deluxe loose leaf tea are arranged on a gold tablecloth. In the background are evergreen boughs decorated with lights and red and gold ornaments.

5 Minute Quick Guide: How To Buy Tea Gifts If You’re Not a Tea Drinker


The holidays are here, and with that comes the inevitable challenge to find that perfect “something” for your special “someone.” If your special someone is crazy about tea, but you think that Earl Grey sounds more like a character from Downton Abby than a warm beverage, we’re here to help! We’ve made it easy to […]

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