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Overhead view of a blue patterned teacup and a bag of loose leaf chamomile tea on a plaid flannel blanket.

Get Your Zzzs and Learn What Kind of Tea Makes You Sleepy


It’s been a long day in a longer week and, despite being exhausted, you’re just too wound up to sleep. This describes way too many of us these days. Getting adequate sleep feels like a luxury, but it’s more than that; it’s imperative. And yet, as much as we want it and need it, we […]

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A clear glass cup of tea is surrounded by orange and red tea jello jigglers next to a thick book on a fuzzy purple blanket.

Cool Treats for Hot Days: Tea Jello Jigglers

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Whether it’s hot tea or iced tea, an accompanying sweet treat always seems to make those relaxing moments even more enjoyable. Remember Jello Jigglers from the ‘80s and ‘90s? These tea jello jigglers are a refreshing new take that’s sure to add some fruity fun. It might sound like tea wouldn’t add much flavor to […]

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Closeup of lavender and chamomile buds on a wooden table.

Lavender Tea Blends: What’s the Best Lavender Tea?

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Lavender is dreamy, especially during hot, lazy months when it feels like these barefoot days might stretch on forever. More than just an olfactory delight, these blooms add something uniquely special to teas. The best lavender tea blends are hand-picked and lovingly combined with complimentary flavors. Why Lavender Is Seldom Alone in Teas As you […]

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Two glasses of bubble tea sit on a counter with a bowl of green straws in the background.

Boba Shop Delights: How to Make Bubble Tea at Home

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Have you ever wished you knew how to make bubble tea so you could enjoy it at home? With this bubble tea recipe, you’ll be able to make endless flavor combinations with all your favorite tastes. What is Boba or Bubble Tea? Bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink usually made of black or green tea, […]

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A clear, Turkish style glass full of iced tea sits on a crochet floral coaster in front of a stack of books.

How Healthy Iced Tea Can Help You Beat the Heat

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Who doesn’t love summer? Several years ago, my hand would have shot up. That is, until a friend in India put a bug in my ear about the many ways tea could keep me cooler on hot summer days. Since discovering the cooling bliss of healthy iced tea, I don’t bat an eye at even […]

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