The Only Fashion Rule You Really Need

4 Common Misconceptions about Personal Stylists, and the Only Fashion Rule You Really Need

Have you ever considered hiring a personal stylist? It’s a great way to give your look (and your self confidence) a bit of a boost, but it also means subjecting your current style to critique – something not everyone is ready for.
Let me share four common misconceptions about working with personal stylists – the process is not as scary as you may think – and I’ll leave you with the only piece of fashion advice you really, truly need.

Misconception #1: A stylist would rip my closet apart.

I recently did an overhaul on my girlfriend’s closet and she came to work the next day to tell everyone that she had just experienced “STYLE BOOT CAMP!” When you go to a new a gym and hire a trainer, don’t you want it to hurt a little bit? Don’t you want to feel a little sore?

The same goes for a stylist. It should also go without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that you probably have way, way, way more “cool” options than you think you have. Just sayin’. But a good stylist, like a good trainer, evaluates where you are and where you want to go, and helps you get there without injury, to the ego or otherwise.

This client consigned ALL of these clothes. We got THREE closets down to one in ONE four-hour session. This woman made more from her consignment earnings than what it cost for a stylist to come over for hours.

Misconception #2: Stylists are for skinny people.

Stylists are for people who want to look, feel, and be their “best selves” in their clothes. Period. (What you look like without clothing on is for the aforementioned: your trainer.)

Misconception #3: Stylists are for rich people.

Rich and expensive are all in the eye of the beholder, as the saying goes. We spend money on all kinds of things…

– hair appointments
– manicures & pedicures
– new running shoes
– take out food
– “shopping sprees” at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Filene’s Basement, etc.
– random bottles of mascara (and other random stuff at drug stores)

How much of this are you guilty of? I’m mostly guilty of the random CVS purchases. I do love a new shade of lipstick. More on that later. I digress.

Cutting back on those things, or whatever/wherever else you find yourself spending a little excessively, can help you create (financial) room for a stylist to help you, particularly in the area of buying clearance, markdown, and sale items just for the thrill of it.

Misconception #4: A stylist would need to move into my home to help me look presentable.

Mmm… doubtful. Your stylist probably has a great home of his/her own and does not want to live in your closet like a house elf. And you don’t have to break the bank bringing your stylist back to your closet every few weeks – it’s not like a haircut.

image 2
Here are a few things you can do to maximize your time with your stylist. I’ll give you a hint before you even scroll down… ORGANIZE first!

1) Weed out the stuff you hate. There is a difference between loving individual pieces and not knowing how, with what, or where to wear them, versus hating something that doesn’t look good on you, but holding onto it because of how much you spent on it, where you bought it, who gave it to you, etc.

Only hold onto items that you love. Always and forever, this is the rule of thumb. In life. In general. It makes things far less complicated.

2) Don’t make any rash decisions with the stuff you’ve weeded out until your stylist has looked over it. You may have a gem that you just don’t know what to do with.

3) Make a plan on what should go, stay, be consigned, or be altered. For all of your alteration needs, work with your stylist to make notes on where/how you think it should be altered.

4) With what is left over, have your stylist create a lookbook for you, as well as a detailed list of all that you (may) need to complete your “looks.” (Ahem. The shopping spree is calling.)

5) BOOM! You’re done!

imagwe 3

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4 Common Misconceptions about Personal Stylists, and the Only Fashion Rule You Really Need

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