Snapshots From the Trail: A Week on the Appalachian Trail

Snapshots From the Trail: A Week on the Appalachian Trail

If you haven’t heard of the Appalachian Trail, you might have been close by and never knew it.  The trail is over 2,000 miles long and traverses a number of America’s east coast states, from Maine to New York to Georgia.  Designed explicitly for the purposes of hiking, it is a must if you’re an outdoor love; luxury lovers will appreciate the many “trail towns” along the route that have nice hotels and restaurants.

On June 1, I set out with my dog Kona to spend a week on the Appalachian Trail. The following is a pictorial account of our journey.

Appalacian Trail cover



Extending from Maine to Georgia, the Appalachian Trail affords you a variety of options for blazing trails.  Many hikers have completed the whole route – which would take the entire season to complete.


The leaning of the trees on this portion of the trail led me to believe that this area sustains a good amount of high wind.  Being mindful of the weather is of definite concern if you are planning a serious hike.


On our second day, we came across this eastern box turtle. It was the only creature on the entire hike that my fearless companion did not try to protect me from. She instead gave him a wide berth while passing him on the trail.


My week-long adventure was refreshing and full of memories. The Appalachian Trail affords a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with nature. Areas of lush ferns seemed to go on for miles just before the accent to Center Point Knob.


Dame’s rocket, often confused with wild phlox, is plentiful along the trail.


The decent to Sherman’s Creek is steep and rocky, though the trail provides sections for all hiking abilities, with adequate access points for day hiking.


A black winged damselfly landed just long enough for me to take its picture.


Looking back from Peter’s Mountain afforded beautiful views overlooking the Susquehanna River.


A peaceful scene in Clarks Valley.

purple flowers

Just before crossing over PA-850, I crossed fields full of hairy vetch. This plant, with its vibrant purple flowers, supplies the soil with nitrogen, reducing the need for fertilizing crops.


Sometimes your next water source is not the most convenient to access. The trail leading to the spring below Peter’s Mountain shelter is 275 yards of steep, winding stone steps. Kona took the lead.


There is a section of the trail between Rt 325 and Rt 443 known as St. Anthony’s Wilderness. This 14-mile stretch is a full of thick rhododendron groves.


I came across several of these gorgeous juvenile red spotted newts while crossing Sharp Mountain.

To get started planning a hiking trip to the Appalachian Trail, check out the official Appalachian Trail website for more information on locations, itineraries, and detailed travel tips.

All photos courtesy of the author.

Snapshots From the Trail: A Week on the Appalachian Trail

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