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Last Call for Summer! ☀️

Summer ends this month - and so do our summer seasonal teas!  Check them out, all on sale here.

What's awesome though is that you can get autumn teas now!  Pumpkin spice, Pineapple Sage, Spiced Caramel Apple and more....

Best Sellers & Staff Favorites

In case you could use some recommendation.  Or try our 30 second tea quiz to find a favorite.

Coconut Zinzigber herbal tea

Coconut Ginger Soother Herbal Tea (Apple/Cinnamon)

A warm hug in a mug. $7/oz

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Candlelight Blend White Tea (Champagne / Orange)

Bask in a sparkling, pristine calm inside and out. $7/oz

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The Spice of Life Black Tea (Hot Cinnamon Spice)

Put some pep in your step and a kick in your mug. $7/oz

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Hello Sunshine Herbal Tea (Turmeric / Maple)

Sit and sip for invigoration and renewal. $7/oz

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Peach Popsicle Herbal Tea (Peach/Almond)

A great summer iced tea - like a popsicle without the mess. $7/oz,$6 as we say goodbye to this tea at the end of the month.

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Hope Blend Green Tea (Jasmine)

Soft, sweet, and encouraging. $7/oz

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Pineapple Oops Green Tea (Citrus/Pineapple)

A delicious pineapple blend, such a summer treat. $7/oz, $6 as we say goodbye to this tea at the end of the month.

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Vanilla Latte Tea (Cardamom Vanilla Creme)

The comfort food of tea lovers. A balance of sweet & spice, $7/oz.

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