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Celebrate Dessert!

February is Dessert Tea Month and we're celebrating with discounts on tea in our "sweet" category. No coupon needed. Treat yourself!

Big Easy: Sip the spirit of New Orleans with our limited edition Mardi Gras black tea blend. This cinnamon and pecan tea has bright color and bold flavor and reminds us of our favorite pecan pralines.

Best Sellers & Staff Favorites

In case you could use some recommendation.  Or try our 30 second tea quiz to find a favorite.

Abundance Blend Green Tea (Passionfruit / Elderflower)

A simple but thoughtfully chosen combination of fruit + flowers. $7/oz.

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Blender’s Choice

Let us choose a surprise tea for you! $5/oz, limit one per order.

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vanilla cherry green tea

Garden Grove Green Tea (Jasmine / Cherry)

Our signature green blend full of easygoing flavor. Find your zen. $7/oz.

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Vanilla Sugar Cookie Herbal Dessert Tea

Lightly sweet & spiced, full of love. $7/oz.

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Wonder-Full Pomegranate Decaf Black Tea

Enjoying all that life has to offer. $7/oz

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The Spice of Life Black Tea (Hot Cinnamon Spice)

Put some pep in your step and a kick in your mug. $7/oz

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Mulling Spices

Spice up your favorite beverage for a festive, fun refreshment. $4/oz, on sale for $3.

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Strawberries & Cream Black Tea (with Rose)

Fun, floral, fruity, and refreshing. Like a delightful dessert in a cup. $7/oz

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