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We've got pitchers of cold brew iced tea going daily - check out our favorite loose leaf iced teas here.

Plus our $5 tea of the month is the popular apricot lavender herbal tea - also great iced!

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In case you could use some recommendations…

Slowly Unwind Herbal Tea (Linden Flower / Elderflower / Berry)

Rest and take respite. $7/oz

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Mindful Morning Tea Blend (Earl Grey)

Get your day (or tea moment) started in a wonderful way. Earl Grey with a Plum Deluxe twist. $7/oz.

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Uplifting Coconut Chai

Pour yourself an invigorating uplift. $7/oz

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Vanilla Creme Herbal Tea

Sometimes something simple is best. $7/oz

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Sugar Plum (Plum / Strawberry / Cardamom)

Sip for inspiration and great ideas. $7/oz

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Strawberry Rhubarb Oolong Tea

Savor those sweet summer moments. $7/oz

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Citrus Mint Green Tea (Lemon / Orange / Lemongrass / Mint)

Sit in the stillness and feel refreshed. $7/oz.

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Peach Bellini Herbal Tea

Sip and have some fun. $7/oz.

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