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How to Shop (and Cook With) What’s Fresh at the Farmer’s Market

When the weather turns warmer and things start growing green, I eagerly begin to anticipate farmer’s market season. Zucchinis, tomatoes, and berries are my favorites, and I love cooking with all of the herbs. Whether you’re a market veteran or someone who’s just curious about healthy seasonal eating, I’ll walk you through the basics of […]

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Pretty, Good Eats: Edible Flowers for Cooking, Baking, and Drinking


For a moment, let’s skip the talk about locally grown vegetables and fruits. Instead we’ll find a bit of inspiration in what’s blooming, maybe in your own backyard. Let’s chitchat about edible flowers. Flowers add rich colors, subtle to spicy flavors, have diverse uses, and will add a bit of magic to summer entertaining. You […]

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3 Great Chicken Recipes to Excite Your Palate


It’s chicken. Nothing ground-breaking or earth-shattering or otherwise monumental. Just good ol’ chicken, that staple of American diets everywhere. So blasé. Or is it? This week we’re sharing some chicken recipes you’ll definitely want to write home about, praise to the skies, and serve up at your next dinner party. So pull on your apron, […]

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Chill Out: 3 Cold Soups for Summer Indulgence

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I remember the first time we tried a chilled soup. I say “we” but I mean my husband, Dan. We were on a cruise and the notion of a chilled soup seemed too foreign to me (a Greek gal who loves a piping hot, savory bowl). It was a berry soup and my husband enjoyed […]

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Apple of My Eye: Let’s Hear It for Hard Cider

I’m about to impart a startling truth, a truth that will have some folks’ mouths agape and others shouting, “Amen!” You ready? Here it is: Not everyone likes beer. I know, right? You thought you were the only one, sitting at the edge of the crowd, quietly sipping your alternative beverage and hoping no one […]

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Coconut: A Summer Indulgence for Cooking and Health

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Unless a localvore lives in a tropical climate, coconut will not be on their plate. With the love of all things local trending (which tickles me pink), we’ve gotta make wiggle room for some things, don’tcha think? Indulgence is necessary (someone noteworthy must have said that), and coconut seems to fit the bill. It’s the […]

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Glamorous Grilling: Creating the Perfect Outdoor Meal

Let’s face it, we want to make cooking tasty and fuss-free while the days are long and the warm temps get us outdoors. ‘Tis the season for the heart of the home to move onto the back porch, where the grill is the go-to to keep the house cool and the cleanup easy. I’m going […]

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