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Oh, My Darling!

Celebrate your mom or motherly figure with our limited-edition Darling Blend, a delicious, healing herbal tea – just like a mother’s embrace.

Stay Grounded: Our Social Isolation Kits are here for you – no matter your situation. Save 12% on each bundle.

Best Sellers & Staff Favorites

In case you could use some recommendation.  Or try our 30 second tea quiz to find a favorite.

Abundance Blend Green Tea (Passionfruit / Elderflower)

A simple but thoughtfully chosen combination of fruit + flowers. $7/oz.

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Tender Loving Care (“Tea-LC”) Herbal Tea

Sip a cup of vitamin "C" and care. $7/oz

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Vanilla Creme Herbal Tea

Sometimes something simple is best. $7/oz

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hazelnut orange tea

Oregon Breakfast Decaf Tea

Savor a sip of Oregon in the morning (or anytime!). Celebrate today with rich hazelnut essence with a hint of bright orange. $7/oz.

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Cozy Tranquil Dream Herbal Tea (Rosehip / Spearmint)

Find yourself in a restful place. $7/oz

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“Banana Bread” Herbal Dessert Tea (Chocolate/Chestnut)

Incredibly delicious treat. $7/oz

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apricot lavender honeybush decaf herbal tea

‘Vista Blend’ Herbal Tea (Apricot / Lavender)

A lovely herbal iced tea. $7/oz.

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Vanilla Rose Dark Tea (Pu’erh) Hearts

Get curious and spark your imagination. $7 (approx 10 hearts)

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A white plate holds a colorful salad of bow tie pasta, red pepper, avocado, mango, and plum.

Green Tea Summer Bow Tie Salad

There is nothing more delightful than the sound and feel of summer months – a soft breeze, birds singing, the warm sun, and delicious foods that scream, “summer!” That is exactly what this green tea summer bow tie salad has in store for you. Made with fresh plums, mangos, red bell pepper, avocado, and drizzled with homemade dressing made from our Abundance Blend green tea, this bow tie salad is sure to be the hit of your next picnic or tea party. The Scoop on Pasta There is some mystery as to where pasta originated. This go-to, readily available cupboard […]

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A tiered serving tray full of cookies and scones, a vase of daffodils, and floral print box, a package of Plum Deluxe loose leaf tea, and a dish of loose tea leaves are arranged on a bright blue cloth.

What Is Afternoon Tea? A Guide to Classic Tea Time

During the winter holidays, my town puts on the “A Dickens of a Christmas” festival. Townspeople dress in Victorian garb and stroll the streets drinking mulled wine and eating a combination of local and old English food. Last year, I took a respite from the cold in The White Swan Tavern, a colonial era inn built in 1733. Inside, I found roaring fires, Christmas trees, and the best, most inviting afternoon tea I’ve ever indulged in. You don’t need to stumble into an old inn wearing a crinoline to find the perfect tea; you can search for afternoon teas hosted […]

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A black teacup sits on a yellow saucer. It is surrounded by a mesh tea infuser, a package of Plum Deluxe loose leaf tea, a glass bowl full of lemons, and a bottle of alcohol. Milk is being poured into the mug from a glass pitcher.

What to Put in Black Tea

When it to comes the choice of what to put in black tea, the possibilities are extensive and exciting. I would say “endless” because it has a nice ring to it, but I would not lie to you. You should not put salt in your tea. Nor chicken. (Though tea on your chicken is a different story…) But let’s not make a list of what not to put in tea. That’s silly. Instead, let’s get right to the good stuff. Black Tea Basics Generally speaking, black teas are strong. Hearty. Robust. They vary in nuance, of course, from floral to […]

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