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Feeling anxious?

Things are stressful right now.  Take a moment and have a cuppa - our guide to the best teas for stress relief might be helpful.  We've also some new blends for both emotional and immune support - Tender Loving Care ("Tea-LC"), Just Rose Hips, as well as more elderberry teas.

Spring Teas Have Sprung!

Four favorite seasonals have returned along with spring's blooms, plus three brand new signature teas and a lucky limited edition blend.
See them all here.

Pick a Posy: Fill your cart with a spring bouquet of teas, then use vip code BOUQUET at checkout to save 15% (plus free shipping!). Ends March 31.

Best Sellers & Staff Favorites

In case you could use some recommendation.  Or try our 30 second tea quiz to find a favorite.

Happy Hour Herbal Tea (Hibiscus / Lime)

Make every tea moment a happy hour. $7/oz.

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Gratitude Blend (Strawberry Earl Grey)

A strawberry earl grey representing gratitude, appreciation, & kindness. $7/oz.

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“Banana Bread” Herbal Dessert Tea (Chocolate/Chestnut)

Incredibly delicious treat. $7/oz

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Coconut A La Creme Black Tea

Whip up a delicious creamy cuppa. $7/oz

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Tea Break White Tea (Tangerine / Honeydew Melon)

It’s ok to just take a moment. $7/oz.

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Vanilla Rose Dark Tea (Pu’erh) Hearts

Get curious and spark your imagination. $7 (approx 10 hearts)

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Chocolate Hazelnut Dessert Tea

Chocolate + hazelnut are the perfect pairing, even in tea. $7/oz.

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Vanilla Latte Tea (Cardamom Vanilla Creme)

The comfort food of tea lovers, a balance of sweet & spice. $7/oz.

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