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Put On Your Easter Bonnet!

Keep the joy hopping with our limited edition Easter collection, featuring bunny-themed teatime accessories, a floral mug, and an exclusive tea blend.
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Best Sellers & Staff Favorites

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Wise Counsel Herbal Tea (Licorice / Mint / Lemon)

For mental clarity & emotional strength. $7/oz

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‘Red Velvet’ Chocolate Puerh Dessert Tea

Chocolatey deliciousness in your cup. $7/oz

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Tranquil Peach Herbal Tea (Pineapple / Peach / Chamomile)

Cool your heels with fun, fruity flavor. $7/oz

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Hope Blend Green Tea (Jasmine)

Soft, sweet, and encouraging. $7/oz

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cuddletime organic chamomile vanilla peppermint tea

Cuddletime Herbal Tea (Chamomile / Mint)

End your day in a delightful way and enjoy a great night's sleep with our signature sleepy tea blend. $7/oz.

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Creme Brulee Earl Grey Black Tea

Creamy and delicious earl grey. $7/oz,

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Currant Conversation Oolong Tea (Vanilla / Black Currant)

A woodsy oolong meets tart fruit for elegance in a cup. Sip and be inspired. $7/oz.

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Spring Romance Black Tea (Lilac)

Relax in the comforts of spring. $7/oz

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