Bring a Little Bit of Paris into Your Home
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3 Ways to Use French Café Chairs to Bring a Little Bit of Paris into Your Home

The French café (or bistro) chair is an object that evokes long, leisurely mornings with the gentle sun in your face, people-watching the day away along the Champs-Elysees. Or at least that is how it feels in my head; you can spin your own tale of French café bliss. Café chairs have become a bit of a trend in the last couple of years, and we want to share a few ways to bring the nostalgia of France into your home.

French Bistro Chair Cover1

In Your Breakfast Nook

Here at Plum Deluxe, we are purveyors of affordable luxury, and therefore it makes sense to suggest that you wake up every morning to a little bit of Paris in your home. If you already have a small table in your kitchen or nook where you gather around to have a morning meal, turn it into a Parisian getaway with a café table and chairs.

It is entirely up to your own sense of taste and preference as to whether you want to extend the French flavor beyond the café chairs. It is easy to find pictures, knick knacks, and other housewares to round out a French theme. There is also something to be said about the simplicity of the café chair being brought out by coordinating the rest of your kitchen colors with them.

Here is a round-up of some examples of how café chairs stand out in a room:

Breakfast Nook Collage

On the Back Patio

It is always nice to have a table and set of chairs on your back patio (or deck) for outdoor parties and to enjoy a sunny day. You may not be able to enjoy people-watching on the French streets, but you will be able to enjoy the sun in your face and the comfort of being able to sit with your morning coffee or lunch in the fresh air. When picking out chairs for your patio make sure you pick a color that will coordinate or compliment the color of your house and other furniture you have on the patio.

Café chairs on the patio have a classic look, as you can see here:

Patio collage

At Your Home Bar

If you are creating a home bar or have a bar counter in your kitchen, tall French café chairs may be just what you are looking for. When they are used in a home bar space it can be another place to play with an overall French theme or a more subtle wine bar theme.

I would suggest that if you decide to use café chairs at the bar in the kitchen, you might want to refrain from using them at your table also. It is better to let the chairs stand out in one space or the other.

When used at bar height, the café chairs take on elegance and distinction as you can see from these pictures:

Home bar collage

French café chairs come in all kinds of colors and weaves, so you are sure to find ones that are perfectly suited to your home. Bring a touch of France into your day-to-day life by the practical addition of stylish café chairs.

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3 Ways to Use French Café Chairs to Bring a Little Bit of Paris into Your Home

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