10 Sharing Services That Will Change Your Life

10 Sharing Services That Will Change Your Life

The internet makes it possible to create marketplaces for just about anything — including fractions of items or temporary access to items. We’ve only just started to see the impact of being able to share just about anything, whether it’s our homes, our clothes, or something else entirely. But the marketplaces and services that have already evolved are enough to change your life, for the better.

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1. Bag Borrow or Steal

Changing your jewelry and accessories up on a regular basis just isn’t practical, especially if you’re looking at labels. But what if you could rent that perfect necklace just for a month — long enough to wear it to an important event and get some pleasure out of it — then send it back? Bag Borrow or Steal lets you do exactly that, as well as buy and sell accessories to keep your wardrobe fresh.

bag borrow or steal

2. Vayable

When you’re traveling, you want to find the local spots, the places that really make each city unique. So why not ask a local to be your tour guide? Through Vayable, guides can offer up unique tours, like truffle hunting expeditions or planned excursions to music venues. There are experiences for everyone on Vayable.


3. car2go

Most cars sit idle in a parking spot ninety percent of the time. So why not just use a system that lets you take the nearest car whenever you need a ride and forget about taking care of your car the rest of the time? That’s the premise behind car2go, which allows you to rent cars from your smartphone for just a few minutes at a time.


4. Rent the Runway

Want to add a little designer glamour to an event? You can rent designer clothing through Rent the Runway for a fraction of what buying such pieces would cost. And with over 50,000 pieces in the company’s closet, you can find a different outfit every day, if you really want to.

rent the runway

5. Borrow Lenses

If you’re a photographer, you’re almost always lusting after some new piece of gear that you can’t afford — even if you just bought the new lens that you’ve wanted for the past year. But you can get access to all the gear you want, at least on a temporary basis, through Borrow Lenses. The site offers just about every kind of photography gear you might need, as well as plenty of video gear.

borrow lenses

6. airbnb

While airbnb may have started with the idea of offering basic crash space to out-of-towners, it’s grown dramatically: you can rent entire homes, historic manors, office space, and even the occasional treehouse through airbnb. It’s just a question of finding the space you want to stay in.


7. DogVacay

Just as you can find yourself a place to stay on airbnb, you can find your dog a temporary home on DogVacay. Rather than leaving your pet with a traditional boarding facility where he’ll be one of many pets present, DogVacay offers the opportunity to leave him with a family that may have a pet or two of their own, but will be able to give your dog personalized attention.


8. Fon

If you have a home WiFi network, Fon can help you get internet access around the world. By sharing a little of your own WiFi, you can use the capacity shared by other Fon members when you aren’t at home. Whether you’re traveling or just working from a coffee shop for the day, Fon can provide an easy option for getting free WiFi.


9. Relay Rides

Need a truck to help you move this weekend? What about a convertible when your friend comes into town next week? Relay Rides lets anyone list their vehicle for rental, so you have a huge selection to choose from. It’s just a matter of finding the car you want to drive and picking it up.

relay rides

10. SnapGoods

SnapGoods lets owners list any sort of good, from tents to musical equipment to just about anything else, for rental.


With marketplaces like these, it really is possible to get access to all sorts of things that you don’t need to own all the time but just need access to every once in a while.

10 Sharing Services That Will Change Your Life

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