10 Creative Wine Racks We Want

10 Creative Wine Racks We Want

While the popularity of wine here in the United States continues to grow, so does our desire to display our fine wine purchases in unique ways. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy looking at all that wine and thinking about the memories of finding it in between sips.

After asking the Plum Deluxe team, we’ve got an unbeatable list of wine racks that we just must have. Problem is, it’s hard to choose just one.

wine racks

If you’re short on space but not sure on style, try the above door frame wine rack from Cold Creek Brewing on Etsy. It is such a clever design, and I think would look great in smaller kitchens, in a dining area, entertaining room, or maybe even useful basement storage if that is where your wine “cellar” is.

wine knot

I love this “wine knot” wine rack over at Uncommon Goods. It has nice, clean lines but also a creative design that wouldn’t look out of place in an upscale restaurant or wine bar. The alternating wood grains means it will complement most kitchens or dining rooms. This size would also make a great housewarming or host gift.

reclaimed wood wine rack

Out of everything in today’s feature, this is my favorite wine rack: a reclaimed wood masterpiece available on Etsy. It’s beautiful, it’s organized, it’s artistic – functional and fabulous. What more could you want?

(If you don’t like this one, but like the idea of upscale upcycling, there are a variety of other reclaimed wood wine racks here.)

film reel wine rack
Leave it to Nordstrom to keep it classy with this gorgeous film-inspired wine rack. If you have a home theater room, or are just an avid movie buff, this is a must have. It doesn’t hold quite as much wine, but who cares – it’s so fun.

industrial chic wine rack

Nordstrom not in your budget? You can do it yourself – and why not, if you want the gorgeous industrial chic look that this wine rack sports. Shanty 2 Chic makes it look easy, but honestly this is one DIY project that everybody can get behind.

iron wine rack

Not into the DIY scene, but like the industrial look over the wood look, then how about some upcycled iron? This wine rack is certainly hardcore, but isn’t too masculine. It really creates that focal point in a room.

barrel wine rack

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about wine/whiskey barrels as a hot trend in patio/garden design. Why not use a barrel as your wine rack? I don’t think a full barrel works for many of us – too big, too heavy, too much unless you have a bar room in your house! But this design keeps it simple while still incorporating lots of personality.

mid century wine rack

This interesting choice comes to us from Oenophilia, and they call it their mid-century wine rack. I’m not such a fan of mid-century furniture (don’t love it, don’t hate it), but the clean lines of this rack are pretty cool. It would look a little too bachelor on a white wall, but paired with the right surrounding decor, it will look lovely.

wine rack horizontal wood

Love this simple wine rack that also allows you to customize the words printed – unfortunately, I can only find it in UK shops, so the price + shipping is a bit high. Still, might be perfect for you, great for smaller spots of unused wall space.

puzzle wine rack

Last, but certainly not least, in our top 10 creative wine racks are these really fun puzzle wine racks. They come in various colors, and can be rotated and snapped together in a variety of configurations, making them easy to grow or shrink with your wine collection, and I like the idea of changing up the rack before a dinner party.

rake wine rack

Bonus Entry: If you need some extra space for your wine glasses, it appears an old rake works wonders. Try it and let me know!

For more wine inspiration, don’t miss our All Wine All The Time pinterest board.

All images are courtesy of merchant.

10 Creative Wine Racks We Want

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