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Slow down, sit down, reconnect with you

Create that serene European cafe vibe in your own home with our hand-blended teas.

Slow down, sit down, reconnect with you Mobile-Slow down, sit down, reconnect with you
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    "I have been ordering from Plum Deluxe for a couple of years now and they have spoiled me for drinking any other tea. Every blend is delicious and fresh and unique in flavor. The customer service and community is top notch. I love my Plum Deluxe!"

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    "Every flavor I have tried is absolutely incredible! I don't know how they come up with these amazing blends but I have never in my life enjoyed tea this much! It's my monthly splurge! Give it a try, folks, you will be hooked!"

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    "Plum Deluxe makes me take time for me. The process of brewing and waiting for the flavor to develop and then to sit and hold a mug in my hands and enjoy the steam in my face, the warmth in my hands and the delicious flavor is a gift every day."

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Searching for a moment of calm and luxury in your busy day?

Are you yearning for the luxury of escaping on holiday to a beautiful European square? Taking in the ambience, the people watching, soaking in something special just for you? Sipping on a hot cup of fresh, fragrant tea?

Instead, life is full of kids, hobbies, work commitments, and a busy social calendar.

While we can’t send you off to read a novel in a Parisian cafe, Plum Deluxe brings that feeling into your own home every day.

Our blends are the key to creating your own ritual.

Sit on the porch sipping from a steaming cup, steep your favourite blend in that early morning window before the kids wake up, soak in that moment when you get home from work, kick off your shoes and breathe.

Because the world is better when we take a moment.

Searching for a moment of calm and luxury in your busy day?

Crafted to resonate with your mood and the moments you cherish.

Luxury that doesn't sacrifice your health.

Hand blended in small batches for perfectly balanced flavor.

Natural, organic, & wildcrafted
ingredients from family farms we know and trust.

As seen in...

"Wonderfully soothing."

"The perfect tea for every moment."

"Really good — and so pretty, too!"

"Will delight any tea lover."

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