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Thanks for your interest in writing for Plum Deluxe – we’d love to have you!  Before moving forward with a submission, it is strongly recommended that you read about our philosophy and experience a few issues of our newsletter – all of our current contributors are avid readers. If you don’t understand why we say “make moments that matter,” we will be able to tell in your pitch!

(Note, if you represent a brand or company and want to publish content on our website, please see our advertising kit.)

In 2015, Plum Deluxe is rolling out our “Conversations” section, which features short stories from individuals from our community.  These are not paid assignments, and professional writers are welcome to submit for these sections – click here to learn more.

Full article assignments are paid at $30 per feature, and we work with both new and established writers who have previous example work.

Paid Article Assignments

Plum Deluxe features content on a variety of topics regularly; however, only a select few topics are open for external contributors, listed below. These may change so be sure you are signed up for our newsletter as we put a shout out in there when updated.

Please, please ensure your query for a paid assignment closely matches one of the following.

  • US Weekend Getaways: We are looking for first-person experiences to add to our growing selection of weekend getaways in the United States. Please view our current archive before pitching and pitch us on a new location. Plum Deluxe readers want cultural, culinary, and creatively themed weekends – avoid adrenaline, adventure, or more baby/children-focused occasions.
  • Themed Entertaining / Occasions: We are always looking for well-photographed dinner parties and themed occasions; one of the best ways we can all live the good life is to spend quality time with others, so show us how to live it up.  See our previous dinner party / entertaining themes for more ideas.
  • Tea Time Topics:  Plum Deluxe’s signature product is our organic loose leaf tea line.  We are always interested in strong articles that will support our tea customers and also drive new interest in our tea.   Maybe it’s baking with tea, maybe it’s a tea tutorial, or even better, a tea party with a creative theme & photographs. Look through our recipe index and our tea article archive, then impress us!  Please note:  you don’t have to use our tea, but please no competitive brands in photographs/recipes/etc.  (Have your own blog our writing outlets and want some sample Plum Deluxe tea to write about?  Click here to tell us more.)
  • Spiritual/Mindset/Well-Being: Perhaps the more difficult of our open contributor sections, the core of the Plum Deluxe philosophy is all about mindset, which has an inherent spiritual component to it.  We are open to creative pitches in this area – some articles that have done well here have been about date nights, self care, an “alternative” to prayer.

Now that you know what you’re looking for and have refined your idea, how do you submit it?

The first step is to get your article topic approved.  Be sure that you submit your idea and get clarity from us first, as we don’t want you to you work hard on something we don’t want or need.  (The technical term for this is “on spec” and we do not accept submissions “on spec.”)

The submission form below is where you submit your topic for review. We’ve kept the form neat and simple, but please give your proposal some thought before hitting submit.  We’ll get back to you generally within a month with a yes or no.  If it’s a yes, we’ll also include some information about the scope, any specific format for you to use, and other editorial recommendations, along with deadlines and details.

What happens after you submit your idea?

Once your idea is approved, you’ll work with one of our editors to get everything submitted.  You’ll need to provide your content, photos, a short bio, and register your email address on gravatar.com for your author bio.

We only pay via Paypal at this time. We pay $30USD for each article, typically paid the 2nd week of the month in which your story will be featured (which means you may get paid just after your story runs, or just before, depending on your publish date).

Depending on our editorial calendar, it can be a few months before your work is published, or perhaps your piece will fit right into an empty slot the next month. We hope that you’ll share your contribution and your views on the Plum Deluxe philosophy with friends, family, and followers – so that we can continue to grow our reach and continue to offer more writing opportunities.

Editorial Guidelines

A few things to keep in mind about our editorial style:

  • Do show us your previous work– if you’re a new writer, setup a free blog on WordPress.com and write a few example articles. We receive so many pitches that have no examples, and unfortunately, we will not assign a writing project without having seen example work.
  • Do have your own quality photographs. While there are a variety of outlets online for free photos, photography is a core part of online storytelling.  If you don’t have your own photos, it is very unlikely we will choose to publish your piece.  See our style guide for details on photo sizing and submission process.
  • Do familiarize yourself with our style and typical content before pitching. If it’s clear you have no idea what the Plum Deluxe philosophy is or the style of our editorial columns, we’ll move on quickly.
  • Do not use stiff or flowery marketing language.  Read your article out loud to a friend.  Are they laughing?  Do they understand the words you are using? Are you avoiding too many clichés? Are you speaking directly to the reader using words like “I” and” “you”? If not, rework.
  • Do not get hung up about word count.  You’re telling a story – and your story should help dictate whether a shorter or longer piece is required.
  • Do not send us work that has been published elsewhere. We prefer fresh work that was written with the Plum Deluxe reader in mind.
  • Do think ahead. Way ahead. We work months ahead of schedule – typically 3-5 months ahead. So, in July, we’re thinking about late autumn and early winter topics. At Thanksgiving, we’re organizing on Valentine’s Day.

All writers must agree to our Terms & Conditions for Contributors.

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