Plum Deluxe: Premier Purveyor of Creative, Organic Loose Leaf Tea Blends

Thanks for your interest in Plum Deluxe teas, our organic, fair trade, hand blended loose leaf tea creations. We’d love to tell you more – put the kettle on!

Our Tea Story

Plum Deluxe was founded in 2007 as the website that helps you create moments that matter. Our mission is to help our readers have lives they love – the good life. After a successful attempt at fostering our online community and growing our award-winning weekly newsletter, The Blend, we decided to branch out into additional offering to support our readers.

Why tea? Because we love it. Because tea itself has a story:

  • Tea is a beverage that can’t be rushed – you have to give it a few minutes to steep. By encouraging our readers to drink tea, we’re helping them slow down just a little, and perhaps giving them a minute or two each day to be still.
  • Tea is the most creative beverage on the planet, with hundreds of ingredients that create thousands upon thousands of combinations of tea (and tisanes). It allows us to fully exercise our minds to create unique blends for readers to enjoy with a book, with a friend, or around the dinner table.

Product Info

mindful morning blendPlum Deluxe’s primary offering is our online teashop featuring a select few signature blends that are available year-round, as well as a regular rotation of limited-edition seasonal blends.

We also offer a monthly tea of the month that features two 1-oz packets of limited-edition loose leaf tea blends. These teas are typically not sold in our online teashop.

Every Plum Deluxe tea customer is given access to our private Facebook group for tea lovers with cooking and cocktail recipes, tea guides, and more tips. Plum Deluxe is one of the few online tea sites where it’s truly a community – subscribers can vote and comment to influence the future direction of the seasonal blends or other special projects.


Need a photo for an article or story? Take whatever you need from our Plum Deluxe tea media library via the link below. If you need additional photos or something specific, please get in touch.


Photo Credits: Plum Deluxe

About Our Teamaker

andywithcoffee blankcup 300x300 Tea

Hi, I’m Andy, founder of Plum Deluxe and chief tea maker. I’d like to walk you through the process I use to create the unique tea blends you’ll find at Plum Deluxe.

While you maybe envisioning lab coats and a giant factory with stacks of ingredients and curious equipment, the Plum Deluxe studio in Portland, Oregon is decidedly more low-key.

I start with an intention in mind – tea great for reading with a book, a tea perfect for cheering on a holiday celebration, tea perfect after a big meal – and then use my own intuition and the plethora of culinary resources I have gathered over the years to blend up 2 or 3 different test teas that might achieve the desired result.

Then I steep, sip, review, adjust, repeat. Teas that pass muster often go out to a small group of “insiders” for further testing, and only the best teas are hand-blended in larger batches for sale.

While I can’t guarantee you’ll love ever single tea you purchase from us (taste is such an individual thing), I promise that everything we make is blended with love, positive intentions, and lots of gratitude for you being a Plum Deluxe customer.

Good to Know

Just some fast facts and useful info about Plum Deluxe teas.

  • We purchase all of our ingredients from USDA Organic & Fair Trade Certified vendors. We might have already mentioned that, but it’s important.
  • Due to our limited production capacity, we only ship to the United States. Canada and Europe coming soon!
  • Our “zone of genius” is black, white, and herbal tea blends.
  • We are based in Portland, Oregon. Where possible, we do source ingredients from the Pacific Northwest.

Media Contact

Have a question about our teas? Need a tea or lifestyle expert to interview for your website or podcast?

Contact our teamaker, Andy Hayes