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The Experts on Making Moments that Matter.

Independently-owned and operated-with-love, Plum Deluxe is the website that helps you create moments that matter. From date nights to dinner parties, weekend getaways to a mindful minute with yourself, we connect our readers with experiences that help them live a good life.

Before adding us to a mailing list or pitching an editorial idea, please take a look at our media kit, which gives you an in-depth view on what we do and don’t cover, as well as our upcoming editorial calendar.
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Our Current Obsessions

Like many magazines and online publications, we have our regular focus areas – travel, food, wine, etc. Underpinning that are several themes that you’ll find pop up on a regular basis.

  • Conscious Consumerism: Much has been written about conscious consumerism, but we’re seeing an interesting confluence of factors: a desire to buy local (or hyperlocal, in some markets), a trend of upscale upcycling, and more disparity in the phenomenon of “Trading Up” (from Michael Silverstein 2008 book of the same name). To survive in this market, businesses need to have a compelling personal story and why to be competitive.
  • The Internet of Lost Things: The Internet is a beautiful thing – without it, we couldn’t exist, for example – but it’s also meant that many parts of our culture are quickly fading. Anything that is handwritten or printed, for example. We’re examining this trend and trying to revive those traditions that are worth holding onto.
  • The Gig Economy: Our publication is run by a group of independent professionals, so we are insiders to the so-called “gig” economy, a movement from long-term corporate employment to sustained self-employment. Many of our readers tell us they’ve left their jobs to start their own business, and many are multi-tasking multiple jobs. Color us fascinated.
  • Childlessness by Choice: We are one of the few online publications that attracts and focuses content on households that do not have children. When we started, childlessness was mostly because of the prolonged rough economy, but now we see many couples choosing not to have children as a lifestyle choice.

Reporters/Journalists/Bloggers: Working on an article related to one of these topics? Get in touch – we’d love to give you a quote for your story.

How to get your business featured on Plum Deluxe

We get a lot of pitches, and unfortunately, 99% of them miss the mark. Which sucks, because we want to feature your wonderful product or service! So you don’t waste time preparing lengthy press releases or pitch emails that we probably won’t read – especially for those of you who don’t have the money for an extensive PR campaign – we’ve made it easier for you to read our minds get your business featured on Plum Deluxe.

Here are the affordable luxury products and services we are especially interested in right now:

  • Weekend getaway itineraries
  • Unique cooking ingredients, such as sauces, toppings, condiments, herbs
  • Wines and wine-related items
  • Cocktail culture goods
  • Pretty and practical home goods
  • Internationally-inspired interior design
  • Affordable luxury fashion (men & women)
  • At home spa products

Your product/service must be available for purchase online, and you must be able to give us high quality “street” photography (not stock photos with a white background) or offer a sample to one of our editors to review. Using this form doesn’t guarantee coverage, but if you do fit the above categories, it does guarantee that you’ll be on our radar. Use the quick form below to submit:

  • Before you submit, double check:
    - Your product is available to purchase online.
    - You are able to provide us with photography and/or a review item on request.
    - You've read our media kit, studied our about page, and you're convinced we'll love your product.
    - You did not cut-and-paste some generic content in the "why" box above.

For all other press, media, and editorial needs, please contact Chief Creative Producer Andy Hayes: andy @