Plum Deluxe Tea Club Teaser – September 2016

Each month we publish a “mini” episode of our Tea Time Podcast featuring a teaser of an upcoming tea club blend. This teaser is spoiler-free, and we encourage you to listen to it now but also revisit it when you have your tea, to follow along with some of the tasting notes and prompts. (Not in our tea club? Click here to learn more and signup.)

In this month’s episode, I have updates on ALL the new things coming out here at Plum Deluxe – we’re still growing at a rapid clip. But, at the same time of this rapid growth, I am reminding you (and myself) to savor and enjoy the moments that are right in front of us.

Also, we need your help! If you’re on iTunes and enjoy the Tea Time Podcast, please leave a review of the show. More reviews means more people hear the shows, which means more revenue to help us produce more shows!

Let’s dive in.


Plum Deluxe Tea Club Teaser - September 2016
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