Monthly Tea Leaf Forecast

Monthly Tea Leaf Forecast for February 2017

Each month, we take a sample from the first batch of our tea of the month club tea, set our intentions, and ask the tea to tell us what we need to know. Tea club members get the full reading, along with lots of other community benefits. Enjoy this summary! This page is updated on/around the 6th of each month.

Get ready to feel the burn, because this month’s tea leaf reading is all about fire! The beginning of February marks Imbolc, the halfway point of the dark part of the year. It’s when the ancient Celts celebrated the goddess Brigid and the coming of spring, and when modern Catholics celebrate Candlemas. It is a time of lighting fires and looking forward to the sun.

In honor of this, I placed a white candle as well as a fire quartz in the circle around the teacup. The rowan tree is also associated with Imbolc, so I included an ogham staff of rowan wood as well. An antler-handled knife represented the hope of future spring and summer harvests, while a large rose quartz seemed appropriate for heart chakra support during this month so associated with romance.

With all of this in mind, I cleansed the area with cedar smoke and drew a card from my #MondayWisdoms deck. Surprise, surprise — its message fit right in:

Get Infatuated.
If you enjoy it long enough
it becomes kindling for a lasting burn.