Monthly Tea Leaf Forecast

Monthly Tea Leaf Forecast for March 2017

Each month, we take a sample from the first batch of our tea of the month club tea, set our intentions, and ask the tea to tell us what we need to know. Tea club members get the full reading, along with lots of other community benefits. Enjoy this summary! This page is updated on/around the 6th of each month.
Mar 2017-1To prepare for this month’s reading, I took a long walk through our woods. Everywhere, green shoots were sprouting up, buds were forming, sap was flowing. This is a time of rebirth, creativity, and growth, in nature as well as within ourselves. The seasons themselves are a reminder of the cycle of life and death; the bones I stumbled across on the forest floor — and incorporated into this month’s reading — are symbolic of the truth that some things must pass in order for new things to be.

In the North, for Earth, I placed green mosses to symbolize truth and growth. For Air in the East were the bones from the woods, speaking to knowledge and memories. In the South I placed a candle for Fire, its green color symbolizing abundance while the flame stoked passion. Water is a conduit of creativity and imagination, so I placed moonflower seeds in the West.

Past: In the bottom of the cup stood a cloaked figure holding a scythe, symbolizing the cycle of life and death, planting and harvesting. The harvest has come and gone, and the death of winter gives way to the life of spring. Now is the time to prepare for the growing season — not just of plants but of ideas, movements, and spirituality.